Review Policy

*Please Note: I am closed to self-published submissions until January 2018.*

Indie Authors: I am currently unavailable for book reviews, but I will consider either guest posts or Indie Spotlight posts if I am interested in your novel. You will need to provide the necessary information for the posts, and I will try to work it into my schedule to meet your deadlines. If you have a specific date in mind, please mention it in your email.

I only respond to inquiries if I am interested in reviewing or promoting your novel. My average response time is 24-48 hours.

I will consider all submissions that show you’ve taken the time to read my About Me page, include all the necessary information, and fit into the current genres I’m open to reading. This is a free service I provide for indie authors that requires a fair amount of my personal time and attention, and because of that, I require anywhere from 2-6 weeks to read and review your novel. Any previous commitments to publishing houses will cause delays in reviewing your novel. I will notify you in writing if this is an issue.

Review Criteria:

  1. I read young adult, new adult, and adult novels and novellas. I do not read middle grade.
  2. Accepted genres: Fantasy, supernatural, magical realism, romance, crime, comedy, horror, dystopian, mystery, mythology, science fiction, and suspense/thriller.
  3. Genres not accepted: All non-fiction and erotica. I do not review short stories or poetry collections.
  4. The novel or novella is available in Kindle mobi format. If your book is not available via Kindle, I will require a printed copy of the book, as I do not prefer EPUB or PDF documents.

How to Submit a Request:

If your novel or novella meets the above criteria, send an e-mail to Jill at

Please include “Book Review” in the subject of your e-mail with the following details in the body:

  1. Your name and title of the book
  2. Genre and age group. If your novel does not fit into a particular genre, chances are I will not consider it for review.
  3. Brief synopsis from either Goodreads or Amazon
  4. First chapter pasted in the body of the email or an Amazon link with free excerpt
  5. Word count and/or number of pages

Please note: I will read all sample pages sent via e-mail as long as they meet the criteria listed above. Within the first few pages, I usually know if I want to continue reading. If I’m interested, I’ll request a full copy of the book.

How the Review Process Works:

I’m a fast reader, with an average reading time of 1-3 days, and as long as you’re novel isn’t the size of Moby Dick, I can read and review your work within a few weeks, depending on my schedule. My reviews tend to run longer than others, especially if I “Rave” about the book. If you’ve followed my posts, you’ve seen that I either “Rant” or “Rave” about the books that I review. However, I post reviews of every book I read on my blog and will state what worked and did not work with the book.

What Does The Review Include?

  1. Synopsis of your work
  2. A review of your writing style and flow, my likes and dislikes, character development, and overall structure and plot.

Where Can You Find My Reviews?

  1. I will post a lengthy review on my blog.
  2. I will post the review to with a star rating.
  3. I will share my review on Twitter.
  4. I will post my review on Amazon with a star rating.
  5. If it’s a galley from NetGalley or Edelweiss, I will also post a review on the appropriate site.

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