Hello, I’m Jillian Quinn, romance author and book blogger extraordinaire. Welcome to my Rant and Rave About Books blog!

Like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, which is why I set all of my books in the City of Brotherly Love. I recently moved to Cape Coral, Florida where it’s always hot and sunny, unlike Philadelphia. Now, I like to read by the pool and pretend that it’s still normal to drink hot chocolate when it’s 90 degrees and humid outside.

As a writer, of course, I love reading. Every writer should be an avid reader. I think the two go hand-in-hand. On average, I read anywhere from five to fifteen books per month. Some weeks, I read that many within a few days, depending on my schedule. I mostly gravitate toward young adult and new adult novels that have a romantic or fantasy element to them, but I also like contemporary fiction, crime, suspense, mystery, and horror.

I’m the author of CORRUPT ME, a new adult mafia romance set in Philadelphia that was inspired by The Godfather. My second book, PARKER,Β  is the first novel in the Face-Off hockey romance series and was released on Valentine’s Day. My third novel, TEACH, is the first book in the City of Sinners Series of taboo novellas, and first up, is my smutty student-professor story.

To learn more about my novels, visit my author website, Jillian Quinn Books, to read free excerpts and check out my latest projects. You can also stalk me on Amazon and Goodreads for the latest updates.

I love reading books that will make me look under my bed before I go to sleep, books that take me to faraway fantasy worlds, books with lots of adorable romance and kissing, and almost any book that deals with a tough subject like addiction or abuse. I’m also a big fan of John Grisham and love a good legal thriller that will keep me guessing until the end. I like psychological thrillers like Gone Girl and authors like Gillian Flynn who combine brilliant prose with a hard hitting story. Give me a mystery I need to solve or an unexplained paranormal event and I’ll curl up on the couch and read until the end.

How Do I Rate Books I Review?

Instead of stars or thumbs up or down, I will rate each book with a “Rant” or “Rave.”Β 

Rant- 1 to 3 stars
Rave- 4-5 stars

I typically only review 3 star books on Goodreads since they are neither a Rant or Rave.

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    1. I’m having trouble responding on your site. The comments box freezes every time I try to send my response, so I’ll answer it here. I agree with you on Beautiful Creatures. The writing was good, but I wasn’t a fan of the story or the characters. The Outsiders is also one of my favorite novels. No one ever seems to share the same love for that book. As far as tagging someone, I’m not sure how it works on weebly, but on WordPress, you have to insert a link in your post to the person’s About page, and it will send a pingback to them, notifying them they have a comment on their page, linking it to your post. I hope that helps!

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      1. I wish I had wordpress but it’s so expensive for me to get the things I want. I tried it out before and loved it until I figured out I couldn’t get the things I wanted for my blog unless I paid at least 100$ a year. And yeah the outsiders doesn’t get much love in the book community, but it gets praised nearly everywhere else. It’s strange.

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        1. Oh, that’s too bad. I agree. The Outsiders is introduced in schools, but it’s never on any bloggers lists. It’s one of my personal favorites. I’ve actually never watched the movie. I didn’t want it to mess with my view of the book. I think the ending of that book is wonderful. It’s probably one of my favorite book endings.

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        1. Oh okay right over the bridge. Yeah, unfortunately, Wawa has turned into Subway. I guess if you’re not used to eating Amoroso rolls anymore then you might not notice as much, but for me, it’s very obvious it’s not the same roll. I hope your hoagie is better than what I’ve had from them recently.

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        1. I love fantasies. I bought a bunch back in May and I’m barely making a dent in them. I just read Splintered and now I’ve moved onto The Raven Boys and The Song of Achilles. I still need to finish Red Rising and the Splintered series. I also read a lot of NA romances. They’re kind of a guilty pleasure.

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            1. I’m about 25% into The Raven Boys and it’s a bit slow but everyone keeps telling me it gets good around 60%. Thanks! I love Jamie McGuire. I’m writing up my reviews of all of her books over the next few weeks along with Colleen Hoover. I’ve read all of their books. I can’t wait for It Ends With Us to come out. πŸ™‚


      1. Right now I’m only doing one weekly meme (T5W), so I could definitely do a meme on Friday’s. Plus I like how y’all have a monthly read.

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        1. Yeah, our group actually talks to each other, so it’s a lot more close-knit than T5W. And the book of the month also gives us something to talk about. I don’t do a lot of memes. The I Ain’t Scared of the Dark theme is going to be fun for October. I’ve already prepared all of my decorations for the month. πŸ™‚

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          1. I like groups that actually talk lol. I’ve been wanting to interact with other bloggers through my blog etc, and this sounds like a good way to do that!

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            1. Yeah, that’s why I quit T5W 6 months ago. No one talks to each other they just post links. You’ll like the group. We all talk to each other on Twitter, Goodreads, and our blogs. I’m planning some spooky posts for the month. Feel free to do whatever ones you want. I have the topics listed under the October theme on Goodreads. And Mrs. Peregrine’s should be good. πŸ™‚

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  1. Okay, your taste is exquisite. Italian mafia subject material ALL THE WAY. Goodfellas is golden! And Breaking Bad is a masterpiece for all of the reasons you listed. (I just wrote a post about genre and used Breaking Bad as an example, funnily enough). You have a really cool blog! I’ve just subscribed.

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    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I love mafia anything. I just read and commented on your post. I completely agree with you. It’s always nice to meet another writer, especially one who appreciates the awesomeness that is Breaking Bad! πŸ™Œ Thank you! I followed you back. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for the tag! I posted this tag a while ago. I may have even done it more than once, but thank you for the kind words and for thinking about my blog. I also found this comment in spam. I hope you’re not having issues with the spam filter in WordPress.


  2. Just came through your blog, and I am rather glad that I did. πŸ˜€
    I haven’t read Stephen King yet but he is in my ‘to read’ list. And after watching a movie based on his novels, he definitely needs to be read.
    Book cover of your upcoming novels are intriguing. All the best for them. πŸ™‚


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