Standalone Sunday: Wicked Lil’ Brat by Alexis Angel


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This week I’m taking part in my friend, Megan @ Bookslayer Reads ,weekly meme called Standalone Sunday. The idea with this feature is that you choose a standalone that you loved and would recommend to your followers. I’m happy to feature Wicked Lil’ Brat by Alexis Angel for my first Standalone Sunday post.

Wicked Lil’ Brat is mega hot, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and only $0.99 if you don’t have KU. And…it’s an Amazon best seller! It even beat out Harry Potter. How cool?

What’s it about?

The best way to enjoy my lil’ brat is to make her beg…

No woman can tame Mason Kane. Trust me, plenty have tried.
They get caught up with my bedroom eyes, ripped body, and massive…bank account.
But then I go too far.
Now I’m stuck in a loveless sham of a marriage to a soulless ice queen so I can save my company from the mistakes of my past.
But it gets worse.
There’s a little brat running around the house.
Teasing me. Tempting me. Making me have forbidden thoughts.
So what if she’s 16 years younger than me?
So what if we all sit around a table and share a wholesome family dinner every night?
Because it’s only after dinner – when everyone is asleep – that this bad boy of Wall Street is going to go up against his biggest challenge.

A wicked lil’ brat.


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6 thoughts on “Standalone Sunday: Wicked Lil’ Brat by Alexis Angel

  1. Whoa! It beat out Harry Potter AND it’s only 99 cents?! Ok, I’m going now to buy it before they raise the price on me! Thanks for the recommendation, Jill. And thanks for participating! 😊😘

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem! I wasn’t even able to make my post today, unfortunately. But I’ll have it up tomorrow. Late is better than never, I guess! And no pressure to participate. I know you’re a busy lady nowadays 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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