Bookish Discussion: 3 Reasons Girls Fall for the Bad Boy


Hello, blogger peeps! I’m Baaack! It feels like it’s been ages since I posted a discussion. I wrote a handful of guest posts for the Corrupt Me blog tour last month, and I wanted to share them, this post included. I believe there’s a certain mold or formula that makes for a good bad boy character. Let’s chat about it, shall we?

 As a writer and now published author, I like to think that bad boys are my specialty. I love getting into the minds of criminals, athletes, dirty cops, etc. You name it and I will write about it as long as I can find some value in the story. One thing I aim to do is make them likable. A fair amount of people read Corrupt and said they couldn’t stand Luca in the beginning but fell in love with him by the end. That was always my intention. My Mafia Prince isn’t just a bad boy. He’s also a mama’s boy. And I know how much we all like a guy who loves their mother.

Bad boys are not one size fits all. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors, and it’s the bad boys that get the blood pumping and the juices flowing. When you read a book about a bad boy who was tamed by that girl—you know, the one girl who ruins him for all women—you start to root for them as a couple, especially if the characters are well developed. You secretly (or maybe not so secretly) cheer for the couple in hopes that the disturbed motorcycle gang leader or the Mafia hit man will end up having a heart of gold.


The ideal bad boy is tall, good-looking, nice skin, hair, and teeth. Bonus points if he has an angular jaw, perfect nose, abs you can bounce quarters off, defined pelvic muscles (the V shape on ab covers you want to lick), and a rock hard body. It’s not a necessity but give him a few tattoos and you add more sex appeal for some women. I like rock stars with trouble pasts that write kickass songs that make me swoon. A good example of this is in the White Trash Beautiful Series by Teresa Mummert. I absolutely adore that series and the songs she wrote for the books.

He has to have swagger for days and the game to back it up. You can’t just say he’s hot and has game. You need to show it. Show, don’t tell! Give me some dirty talk and lines you haven’t heard a thousand times. Oh, and he must be desirable by other women.

Throw in money and you have hit the trifecta. Girls dig rich dudes because who wouldn’t want to be pampered like a princess? I think most women would rather read about a man who wines and dines them and not about the reality of adding water to your milk to make it last another day or how Applebee’s is a treat in real life.

But, there’s more to a character than looks, charm, and the size of his package. Oops, I mean wallet. He has to have a big…heart.

Based on the current romance books on the market featuring strong leads, it’s a fair assessment to say that most of the bad boys either play a sport, ride a motorcycle, or belong to the Mafia or some criminal gang or organization. Crime is hot and so are athletes. Sex with any of these guys is just HOT! There’s something exciting about hooking up with someone you would never meet in real life. You can meet Bob the IT man any day of the week, but you’re not likely to run into Jax Teller or Tony Montana in the food store. But wouldn’t that be nice?


It’s nice when you get everything I mentioned above in a book boyfriend, but he needs to be likable. You can forget that he smuggles drugs or makes you say hello to his little friend when he has some redeemable qualities. And maybe you’re like Kay Corleone and actually believe he’ll legitimize his business for the right girl, but if he’s physically and mentally abusive, controlling, or demanding, you’re heading down the wrong path. Those are my bad boy no-nos.


Talk to me, peeps! Who are some of your favorite fictional bad boys? They can be from books, movies, TV shows… Anything goes.



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41 thoughts on “Bookish Discussion: 3 Reasons Girls Fall for the Bad Boy

  1. Ooooo I love fictional bad boys! Especially the troubled rock star types you mentioned 😛 My most recent favorite rock star bad boy (wow, that’s difficult to say in one breath) is Zander Freedman from Karina Bliss’ ‘Rise’. I couldn’t stand him to begin with but I was head over heels in love with him by the end.

    I think my overall favorite bad boy, though, is Dmitri from Nalini Singh’s ‘Guildhunter’ series. He’s dark and dangerous (plus sinfully seductive), but he’ll stop at nothing to protect those he loves and cares for. Oh and he can fly a helicopter! Not quite a motorbike, but still pretty cool 😛

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      1. Dmitri appears in pretty much every book in the Guildhunter series so I hope you have many glorious hours becoming better acquainted with him 😀 He’s got a bad boy exterior but is a little bit of a softie inside!

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  2. My favorite would have to be from the gif you used, Damon Salvatore. He can get on my nerves like nobody else, but he’s the perfect representation of a bad boy. And, Elena changed him for the better as well, and ruined any other girls for him just like you mentioned. Great discussion, and I nearly squealed when I saw that you had posted a new post.

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    1. Damon is my ultimate bad boy. I loved him in the books and the show. Ian plays him so well it’s crazy good. He’s mega mega hot. 😍 I love him! Haha! You squealed? Too cute. I’m posting again. 😱Real posts and not just promo stuff. I need to copy my reviews I’ve been stashing away for a rainy day and start scheduling my bookish posts I had prepared way back when. 🙂

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      1. Ian has kept the show floating just above water when it could’ve sunk so many times. He basically runs that show now. I’m excited for more reviews, I’ve kind of just been reading some of your older reviews that I never got the chance to read until now to keep me occupied (and to procrastinate from doing Algebra). I’m excited for your new and upcoming posts!

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        1. Oh, totally! I stopped watching after Elena left. I tried to get into the the season with their mother and her vamp/witch kids and was like what the hell am I watching? The time flip really did me in. Aww, I hope some of those old reviews convinced you to read the books. Thanks, Savannah! ❤ I should have more content up this week. I was starting to feel guilty for how long I’ve been gone. 😂

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          1. Yeah the season without Elena was sort of all over the place, and although things were happening, things were also not happening, if you get what I mean. Your reviews definitely let me know whether I should read a book or not. I start feeling guilty if I go 3-5 days without posting anything.

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  3. Hmmm, my favorite bad boys…. Jax from Sons of Anarchy, Damon Salvatore (obviously!) from Vampire Diaries, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, Morpheus from the Splintered Trilogy, Nik from Gemina, and the list could go on for eternity. I do love me some bad boys!

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    1. This is why we are besties! 😘 You just hit all of my perfect bad boys to a T. Jax is perfection. I never liked motorcycles until I watched SOA. That show…😍 Obviously, Damon has to be on this list. He’s essential. And Chuck Bass. OMG I just want to grip him up by those purple ties and kiss him to death. Ugh, I love him so hard. He might even give Crosby a run for his money. 🤣 Yes, I loved Morpheus with his funky half British accent and his weird mannerisms. I still need to read Gemina. I have the first book on my kindle to read.

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  4. You know, I never understood why people fall for bad boys. I prefer sweet, friendly, polite individuals who remember to call their mother on the weekend. 😉 Think of all the time you save trying to convince them to turn from their vampiric ways or whatever it is they do.

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    1. lol I guess I like watching the transformation from bad to sort of good. 🙂 One of the books later on in my series is actually about a good guy who’s a computer programmer. At least I’ll have one good egg in the bunch. 😂


      1. The transformation can be rewarding. I just don’t think I’d ever be attracted to a bad boy vampire or something. Too much drama. Let someone else handle that while I stay home and read. ;b

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  5. I like my men with a dash of snark and sarcasm. They have to have an off sense of humor because I do. But I have never truly been a “bad” boy kind of gal. Not sure I am any kind of gal though haha. I am just odd. Great post Jill. Sorry this is not any area I can contribute to ❤

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    1. Yes, I like my men with a good dose of sarcasm. Some bad boys are super snarky, while others are just straight up mean. Bad boys are my Kryptonite. They keep me on my toes. 🤣 I walk all over the sweet ones. I think they’re just too nice for me. lol You’re not any kind of girl. Haha! Being odd makes things more interesting. Thanks, Danielle! 🙂

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  6. 🤔🤔🤔 man so I loved Zeek from Reign and Mercy by MN Forgy. Cruz from Ravage MC by Ryan Michele. Bull from Devil’s Dust MC. Man I could go on. Spook and Stiff from Vipers Creed MC. Rockers um all of Sasha Marshall’s (hot damn fanning self).
    Movies I’m a about Loki and Tom’s role in Crimson Peak.

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  7. Awesome post, Jill! You’re so right about everything you said!! Lol 😂 One of my favorite bad boys is Ivan, from a book called Ivan by Roxie Rivera. Love him so much ❤

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂 I actually found that book on a Goodreads list. I was playing a team challenge and one of the reading tasks was to read a book off the specified list, and that one was on there and it looked good. So I tried it out and really enjoyed it. I think it was on a “Best Sports Romance” list or something.


  8. I love fictional bad guys! I read books like this in Wattpad and I absolutely love it! The boy either gets tamed by the girl, or the girl tames the guy purposely. I of course, like the ones that have a good story plot because the book would be boring if it was just them chasing one another for the ending love.

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  9. Bad boys who aren’t “bad” as in abusive. Bad boys who live a bit too much on the edge, who are risk takers, who push the limits are way more interesting than the CPA in the next cubicle. If I’m reading I want something interesting. Charming, a twinkle in his eye, perfectly fitting jeans and great motorcycle boots? Yes Off the rack suit, shirt/tie bought in a combo box and mid-price dress shoes? Might be the best guy in the world, make the best ever husband, but I’d be asleep by page 4.


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